Introduction to the Platform

This will guide you through an end-to-end demo of the MedCrypt platform. From setting up your account and systems to securing data over the wire.

Here are the steps to make the MedCrypt platform work with your own application.

See a demonstration video of the steps described in this section

During this process you will tell us about the individual computing components that make up your device, what types of data are stored or transmitted over the wire, and what kind of security is required. This allows us to point you to the appropriate MedCrypt library (C/C++ libraries or bindings for NodeJS, Java, C# .NET, etc.) to use for each component and creates a generic provisioning configuration that the MedCrypt library uses to generate the appropriate key pairs, communicate with the PKI, and register CBOM metadata for vulnerability tracking purposes.

Once the MedCrypt library is integrated into your build process and you’ve established calls to the provisioning functions, the application is ready to run to provision the device and then secure the data.

Once your device and its keys are approved (via our provisioning API or predefined filters) and the certificates and signed configuration are delivered to the device, MedCrypt's library uses the certificates and the security configuration to enable simple API calls to secure your device's data.

See the MedCrypt library in action.