Create Your System

1. Log in to your account

Overwatch Login Page

2. Click the "+" button to create a new System.

A “System” represents your product and contains “Components” that represent the individual devices that communicate to make your product work. For instance, a CT Scanner “System” might be made up of a Scanner “Component” that directly interacts with the X-ray tube, a Control “Component” that tells the X-ray tube what to scan, and a Maintenance-Log “Component” to capture information about how the device is operating. Together, these “Components”, or individual pieces of computing hardware, each running their own OS or RTOS, exchange data over a network and act a complete “System” and to capture diagnostic images of a patient.

3. Choose the template System that matches the design of your product. If your product does not fit any of the templates provided, then you can modify a template to match your System or start from scratch and build a custom System.

System Creation Dashboard

4. In the Create System dialog, name your System and its Components and click “Submit”.

The lifetime of your keys should be selected based on a risk assessment with regard to the likelihood of secret key exposure.

If you expect your first devices to go through QA in a month or so, you may want to set the validity date for a production device ahead in time.

Template Generator

5. You’ve created a System that represents the devices that make up your product.

Provisioning Dashboard

Next, let’s integrate the MedCrypt library into an application and provision some devices so they have trusted keys to secure the data.