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At MedCrypt, we are helping medical software and device engineers focus on building innovative clinical features instead of wasting time managing and implementing security layers that may be opaque or obsolete. MedCrypt’s platform provides security libraries that are easy to integrate, along with a host of other tools, that can help teams keep products secure without a massive amount of effort. And MedCrypt does this efficiently, without compromising clinical functionality.

The MedCrypt Guardian library simplifies industry-best-of security practices by providing an abstracted security library that anyone can use with just a few lines of code. And MedCrypt Overwatch manages and actively monitors integrations for vulnerabilities and suspicious behavior. Using MedCrypt’s tools will enable your team to know a lot more about the state of their application and device security with a lot less effort.

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Our team's mission is to make a great product that you love to use - please reach out to us and tell us what we’ve done well and how we can improve!